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Geothermal at Jubilee Pool

We’re delighted to announce that Jubilee Pool will be the first facility of its kind in the country to be partially heated thanks to geothermal energy thanks to a £1.4 million European grant.

The project will by carried out by industry experts Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) early in 2018. Friends of Jubilee Pool, who first proposed this exciting project over five years ago will be closely involved.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a section of the pool which will be heated using geothermal energy while the majority of the pool will maintain its normal bracing temperature. GEL will drill and develop a geothermal well on the site thanks to the £1.4m European Regional Development Fund. Private investment has also been secured for this stage of the project, leaving approximately £500,000 funding still to be found for the final infrastructure to the pool itself. We hope that the outstanding balance for the plan will be secured with the help of crowdfunding and through a fundraising effort. It is also hoped this project will allow the pool to be open for a longer season, improving its sustainability and providing wider economic benefits for the Penzance community.

“The resulting economic benefits should be significant.”

Ryan Law, from GEL, says "This is a very exciting opportunity for us in Cornwall. "Jubilee Pool will be the first deep geothermal heat project in the UK for over a quarter of a century. We hope that the project will help to promote both the pool as a destination in itself and deep geothermal energy across Cornwall and beyond. “The use of geothermal energy drastically reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and that the learning and expertise gained from this project will be exported elsewhere, giving Cornwall the chance to be a leader in geothermal technology and installation.

Martin Nixon, from Friends of Jubilee Pool, comments "My brother Charles initially proposed to me that we should heat a section of the pool with geothermal energy over five years ago, so I'm very excited to see his fantastic idea move closer to reality. I'm confident it will be hugely popular locally, and that tourists from around the world will flock to Penzance all-year-round to experience this unique facility. The resulting economic benefits to Penzance should be significant."

To find out more about how you can help this exciting project become a reality please click here!

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