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Jubilee Pool is the UK’s largest and most celebrated sea water lido. It is a remarkable facility providing a natural and safe seawater bathing facility for all ages.

At Jubilee Pool we are committed to keeping the water in our pool as clean as possible for our visitors so that everyone has the best possible bathing experience. 

The pool holds 5 million litres of sea water and we use the natural tidal system of the sea to empty and fill our pool. We regularly make small refresh cycles of water using the filtered tidal valves in our pool and our staff make inspections of the water cleanliness and visibility every hour as well as more detailed checks at the start and end of each day. The pool's water is also sent off and tested scientifically every week and we keep a regular dialogue with our partners at South West Water on the sea water quality in the area to make sure this is optimal for refills. 

Sea water contains natural elements to keep it clean but as our pool is uncovered and has swimmers daily, we do all we can to keep the water in excellent condition. This includes regular full refreshes of the water and deeper cleans of the sides and floor of the pool to prevent algae growth and other build up, especially in our water valves.

As we want to make the sea water bathing experience at Jubilee Pool as natural as possible we minimise any chlorination of the pool and only use it in very rare circumstances in very small quantities to combat algae bloom to ensure our lifeguards have safe visibility of everyone in the water.

In 2018 we have introduced a more frequent deeper cleaning cycle so that we can take advantage of the sea’s naturally occurring fortnightly higher tides to clean the pool to improve water quality naturally.  We want to phase out any chemical use as much as possible and cycle the water in the pool as often as we can. This means instead of closing our pool for long periods over summer (for up to a week at a time in 2017) we will do more regular but faster cleans to minimise disruption to our swimmers.

Our cleaning schedule for 2018 is based on the tides times and heights and may change subject to weather conditions and the sea state.  Provisionally we are planning to close the pool for swimming on the following dates:





We will update this page if our schedule changes and keep customers updated on our social media channels and with signage in the pool.

The café will remain open during pool cleans so we welcome people to come along and enjoy the view of the bay or watch the cleaning operation in progress.

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