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Who operates Jubilee Pool?

Jubilee Pool is a rare survivor. Sadly, the vast majority of open air lidos across the UK have either become derelict; or worse still demolished and lost for ever.

The Friends of Jubilee Pool were originally established in 1992. Our aim over the past 25 years has simply been to ensure that the pool survives, both as a vital local amenity and as a listed building of unique architectural merit and national importance.

In February 2017 we were granted a 99 year lease by Cornwall Council and we established a Community Benefit Society (CBS) called 'Jubilee Pool Penzance Ltd' to operate the pool. The CBS has a board of directors from professional backgrounds who work voluntarily, together with the local councillors from Cornwall Council and Penzance Town Council. 

We employ a team of professionals to operate the pool and café. The CBS has been awarded grant funding from Cornwall Council and Penzance Town Council to operate the pool during the 2017/18 seasons. In addition to this all profits generated at Jubilee Pool Café are used to offset the annual operating costs of the pool.

“Devolution at its most worthwhile is about finding the best long term local custodians of an asset, I applaud the Friends of Jubilee Pool for taking up the challenge”

Adam Paynter, Leader of Cornwall Council

The role of the new CBS is to ensure the pool is operated on the community’s behalf and that it is an affordable amenity for everyone. We are actively planning for the pool's future and sustainability is at the heart of our approach, because we believe that the pool should become more self sufficient in the future. One of our key future objectives is to ensure the exciting plans for geothermal heating come to fruition. 

Much of our activity over the past 25 years has focused on raising awareness and promoting the pool. We continue to liaise with magazines, newspapers, TV and other media to ensure the pool is publicised to a wider audience. Significant in-kind contributions are made by our committee members; not least sourcing sponsors who are willing to contribute professional services free of charge.

We continue to maintain a watchful eye over the pool and actively explore how it might enjoy a more sustainable future. Or aim is to become an exemplar in the UK of how an historic lido should be operated, for the benefit of 'One & All'.

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Jubilee Pool, Battery Road, Penzance. Cornwall, UK
TR18 4FF

Tel: 01736 369224

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